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Want to know exactly if you are getting enough nutrients and whether your food choices support your everyday life or your goals? Keep a 4-day food diary from which you will receive written feedback from the nutritionist on accurate nutritional content calculations and suggestions for improvement. Includes 4-day food diary analysis, emailing and 15 min feedback conversation over the phone.


  • According to your wishes, the service will be implemented either remotely via a computer or smartphone or at our premises in Bellanranta, Kuopio (Siikaranta 9A, Kuopio). At the remote reception, before the start of the service, we will send you a link that will allow you to log in to the service at the agreed time.

    After ordering the product, you will receive it at the e-mail address you provided  instructions for keeping and returning a food diary. At the same time, the time of the feedback call will be agreed. You can book an appointment  also from our appointment calendar about a week after you return the food diary.

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