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The joy of eating

Our motto is “From the Joy of Eating”; work is done in a positive way. We walk alongside, guiding gently. Together, we look at things curiously and find new ways to act.


Together with the customer, our goal is to awaken and shake up thoughts. Our operations are not just a buzzword, but the work in Ravistamo is done hands-on.

The team of Ravistamo

Top nutrition professionals at your service

Backup team

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We want to be a leading provider of nutritional expertise and the first choice for companies,

who need nutritional excellence and services.

We believe that health-promoting nutrition is everyone's human right.

With our work, we support sustainable development and better nutrition for people.

People first

We stop to listen and we travel together towards the goal. We walk hand in hand.

We encourage and help you realize your aspirations and let your strengths shine.

The will to develop

Today's problem is tomorrow's solution for us.

We proceed by strengthening both our customers' and our own expertise.

Our gaze is firmly on the future. We are happy to take the place of a frontrunner in the development of the field.

Happy together

We rejoice in success and see failure is a gift.

Our team works in a network-like manner and we create long-term partnerships.

Permission to rest

We also give value and space to resting. We recognize the necessary counterforce to the pressure and rush of the world, which creates space for new thoughts.

Ravistamo Oy


Ravistamo was born with forks, knives and spoons. Six wonderful nutrition therapists gathered around the common table and the conversation revolved around nutrition.


Diets, ban lists, and guilt about food don’t make you feel good. We found a common state of mind: to promote joy, relaxation, and shared moments with food and eating. We have big ears, a smiley  mouth and a warm lap. Ravistamo thrives from the joy of eating.

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