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Making an appointment is easy: click on the service below and choose the time that suits you. If you wish, you can also choose a time for a specific expert. You will find short presentations of our nutrition therapists immediately below the appointment menu. If you're still wondering how it works, you'll find a brief introduction at the end of this page (or click the button).  

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Unfortunately due to technical issues the booking-feature cannot be translated into English!

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We want you to find the best help and the most suitable person to talk with.

Here are short presentations about our nutritionists

If  you cannot find a person to meet your needs don't  worry:

Contact  to us directly and  we'll find a solution together.  Use our chat or fill in our contact form!


Kati Laine

I want to  help  with weight management, stomach problems

and sports nutrition.

Elderly nutritional challenges and poor appetite are also my field.


Anni Lehtonen

I want to  help  in various problems.  I am

familiar with  nutritional challenges of the young, women and pregnancy.  Sports nutrition is also my field of expertise.


Kaisa Kähkönen

I want to  help  families  

to rejoice in dining table. Also

nutritional challenges of mother- and parenthood is close to my heart.


Katri Suhonen

I want to  help with   

nutritional challenges related to  weight management,  

intestinal problems,  

neurological  illness or the special needs of the elderly.


Linda Viitasalo

I want to  help  people with special diets, stomach problems or 

cardiovascular issues with nutrition.

I also want to help to secure  adequate nutrition.

Book online: Miten toimii

How do I book time for reception?

Make an appointment with the expert of your choice



Book an appointment by clicking "Book an appointment" for the service you purchased. If there are no times open for the person you want or the times do not suit you, contact the expert you want by e-mail ( and suggest the best times for you. Please indicate in the booking information whether you want to meet on site or remotely.

You get  login link for remote reception


If you book a remote reception, after contacting us (within 1-2 days) you will receive a confirmation of the time and a link to log in to our remote reception service.

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